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Re-Launch and Preview of Dave Griffiths Babel Fiche

Castlefield Gallery re-launches with Babel Fiche, a solo exhibition of new works by artist Dave Griffiths.

Dave Griffiths: Babel Fiche at Castlefield Gallery from 10 Aug - 30 Sept features two new works, Deep Field [The Photographic Universe] and the film Babel Fiche, developed from a Film and Video Umbrella commission and co-produced with Castlefield Gallery.

The film explores the human urge to collect, categorize and remix images. Using collected video fragments from personal and public archives, Griffiths has re-presented them from compressed contents as still frames and printed them on an edition of unique colour microfiche plates.

Making sense of the excess imagery littered on the internet as well as in our personal hoards of photographic images and film footage, the project imagines how future generations may perceive the current times.

Griffiths has collaborated with a number of writers and artists including the revered Graham Massey who has written the soundtrack.

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